Yuanta Fixed Income Fund

Generate higher returns with Yuanta Fixed Income Fund. Designed for retail and institutional investors to provide capital appreciation in the medium to long-term. Investing primarily in domestic debt instruments, Yuanta Fixed Income Fund is expected to generate potentially higher returns than the prevailing Jakarta Inter Bank Offered Rate.

Yuanta Liquid Plus Money Market

The fund invests into Indonesian money market instruments, such as corporate and government bond matured in less than a year and time deposit. Balanced approach in combining those instruments will lead into attractive return and liquidity.

Yuanta Sri-Kehati Index

Designed to give return to investors equal with SRI-KEHATI index. The funds Investing in stock which is registered in SRI-KEHATI Index.

Yuanta Equity Alpha 

Designed to provide optimal investment results in the form of increasing value investment in the long term by investing in equity securities both inside and outside countries that have attractive valuations and growth potential